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The Ultimate Gaming PC ever?!?

Can someone please tell me what is actually be Ultimate Gaming "PC"? because my brother and I have saved x amount of money and want to buy a pc exlusively for gaming. BUt is there actually That ONE pc that can be bought just like that ready to go and do what its meant to do? Or do I still have to "compile" all kinds of Technical crap like gigrams and drives("Idk" "wtf lol") and can you tell me the website or if it will be the hard way then how much money will it take to get the parts and from where?

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  1. building a computer can get you a slightly better computer for about 2/3 the cost [or less]

    if you want to buy a computer the simple way,

    if you want to build a better computer for less go to

    also compare the computer you build on dell [if you go there] with computers on newegg and

  2. If you want a gaming machine you'll save a wad of case if you go to your friendly neighbourhood computer shop and they'll conjure up something nice for you. The price that you pay for a graphics card right now is properbly not worth it... since restricted on DX10. and DX11 is coming soon... 2009-2010 which your hardware will not be compatible with.

    Sadly your utlimate gaming PC will never last that long for the money you spend...

    Quad Core CPU, plenty of RAM like 3GB (4GB if running 64bit OS), Vista Operating System, a good Power Supply Unit. Video card wise, 9800GX2 is the king right now, but newer cards (therefore faster finally!) are coming in July...

    Or you can build your PC on sites like

  3. PC configuration

    -A quad SLi motherboard ( prefer XFX )

    -Core 2 Extreme (quad) 3.0 GHz

    -4 Nvidia geforce 9800 GX2 configured in SLi

    -8 GB ram

    -1 TB HDD

    -Cool master cooling

    -DVD writer

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