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Is PC gaming or Xbox 360 gaming better looking?

Im talking about if I had the best hardware ever for the pc, would it look alot better then Xbox 360? Right now I have AMD Phenom II x4 995 3.2Ghz NVidia GTS 250 1 gig 4 gig ddr2 1066Mhz with Windows 7 Right now im sure my gaming isen't better then Xbox 360, but say I got a GTX295 would it be? My processor is good enought!! I just need more ram and graphics!

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  1. PC gaming will always be better looking provided you have the correct hardware 100% of the time.

  2. You'll need to step it up with the hardware to best the 360. Get 8 GB of RAM, a decent processor, and a 2 GB videocard (or more than one).

    It's expensive, though.

  3. it depends on the game. but xbox can only ever look AS good as pc. pc usually can look better and run better. example. i run oblivion on my God computer (i call her quartana) and it loads faster and looks better

  4. PC gaming will always be superior to console gaming (this coming from a mostly console gamer.) I have both PS3 and 360, but my friends massively upgraded Alienware wins hands down in a competition of graphics (at least when it comes to the higher graphic games.)

    PC can support higher graphics because its hardware can be upgraded, while a consoles cannot. It also allows you to upscale the AA and such with certain programs and nVidia graphic card models.

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