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Gaming PC under $500?

I have wanted a gaming PC for a while now, but being 13 i cant get a job. I managed to save up $500 and want a good Gaming PC. I prefer Intel i3 and up( my dad doesnt like AMD i dont know the difference) Thanks It doesnt have to built when i buy it i will put it together if not done already

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  1. So what if your dad doesn't like AMD, it's your money and it's your gaming PC

  2. You need to raise your budget.

    You can get the hardware alone for $500, but a copy of Windows costs $100 by itself. So your total cost would be closer to $600.

    Here's a list of builds, each color is a different performance level. Green ($527) is the one you want. I suggest going with a cheaper case (NZXT Gamma) which saves you enough money to upgrade to the Core i3 2120.

    A Dual-Core Sandy Bridge Pentium G860 beats a cheap AMD processor for gaming, although I recommend getting an i3 if possible.

    Your other option in this price range is buying a used gaming computer- if someone is selling a rig that cost them $650-$800 a couple years ago, you might find a deal for around $500.

    **** Update ****

    The built-in APU in AMD's A6/A8 processors does have much better gaming performance than Intel's integrated graphics, but it's still inferior to even a $60 graphics card.

  3. I have seen MANY PCs that will run most games at full settings for LESS than $500.

    Check around for refurbished PCs, you may find some with great components.

    Your dad musta had a bad experience with AMD.

    Remember, the fault usually lies with the user, not the CPU.

    Depending on what ya want from the PC ta do.

    Intel 'i' line of CPUs are built for multitasking and cost more.

    (Yer payin; fer the name).

  4. If you go with the AMD A8 series you can probably play most games at highest setting just with the descrete graphics built into the CPU. Then, you can save up for a nice graphics card to add later. Buy parts from Newegg. The integrated Intel 3000 graphics found on the i3,i5, and i7 are absolutely horrible. I bought an a6-3400 laptop and can play games like Call of Duty and BF3 on high settings. These AMD chips are amazing and faster than one would think.

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