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How much would it cost to build a gaming pc?

I really want to buy an affordable gaming computer. Apparently building one yourself is much cheaper and you can get the best for under $1000? Also, if you can: Can anyone build me a good gaming pc that is under 1000$ please, it has to be future proof for at least 2-3 years? Thanks alot. I have already have a monitor and other software (OS and office) Hmm, something that would be able to play crysis on very high would be perfect for me.

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  1. Ok here a 998 buck comp

    it can hendel Crysis very high no filters at a 1680x1050 res no problem

    it wont be future proof because of the new Core i7 processors.

    but it will last you 1-2 years

    if you want future proof you will new a socket 1366 mobo with a Core i7 processor

    here it is

    its $1170 very nice PC very fast, and will last you 3-4 years no problem

  2. a good one that is a "sports car gaming computer"? about $3500.

    a decent computer that will do the job? $1000 CPU bought as whole piece from a dealer, like new-egg for an online buy or maybe gateway.

    then another $250 for a good monitor. Then another hundred for the fluff (speakers, mouse, etc.).

  3. one that can play crysis on very high will be expensive. Consider buying a console for gaming. More videogames, more reliability, no need to upgrade, and more!

    Xbox 360, not PS3

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