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First PC build!!! Is this good for gaming ???

case(33$) - fans(2$)(4x) - motherboard(90$) memory(50$) - hard drive(80$) - cpu and psu (combo deal 300$) cpu - psu - For Graphics card im going to get nvidia 8800 gt trying to find somewhere were i can get for around 200$ Total = about 800$ and i need to know if this will all work put together thanks!!!!

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  1. Looks like it will.

    Might I suggest going to and start with that motherboard and add the e6750, use mwave generic memory, your hard drive, then a case that has the appropriate power supply. I think you will save a lot more that way. If you aren't going to overclock, generic memory will keep you stable and easy on the wallet.

    At the same place, do a barebones system, then use that mobo as a base and price from there. It will drop-down all the compatible components, except video card and hard drive.

    Still, what you suggest should be a really great gaming machine!

  2. Yeah, sure, that will be great for gaming.

    These days, the GPU is usually the most critical link for gaming performance. Your choice of the nVidia GeForce 8800 is a good one, that's one of the best gaming cards around. For the absolute top gaming performance, folks go with SLI configurations (dual linked cards).. which your motherboard doesn't support. But that's going to get really expensive.

    The one thing I would recommend for gaming... get some decent amount of memory on your graphics card. They do sell 8800s with only 256MB of memory, and that could wind up being a bottleneck on some games... I'd go for 512MB. But you're not going to find that on a $200 card, I suspect.

    Let's see... the PSU.. 950W, no problems there at all.

    Memory.. wow, that's dirt cheap for 2GB of DDR2.. I just paid about twice that for two "name" brand sticks (total 2GB) of DDR for a system upgrade. Normally, it shouldn't be a problem, but you should check for known compatibility with your motherboard. Given that it's all Intel, that's usually not a problem -- pretty much every manufacturer tests against Intel stuff. But it wouldn't hurt to check.

    The CPU is the Intel Core2 Duo, that's the fastest architecture around these days. You didn't pick the fastest, but it's certainly fast enough for anything you're likely going to need... do realize, some folks spend multiple thousands of bucks on their gaming PCs.

    Hard drive's fine... that's fast, and plenty of storage for gaming needs ... if you were into digital video, I might recommend more space, but you can always add a second drive on a system like yours (I have found internal and two external drives on my main computer, about 3TB of storage... I do high-def video stuff).

    Let's see... fans... I prefer fewer larger fans, 120mm or 140mm, since they're quieter. Those will do the job, and they're cheap enough, sometimes it's just a matter of personal preferences, and I see your case has the side-fan no big issue here. You're also going with the stock CPU fan, which will do the job. I don't overclock, but I like a quieter fan... I'm using one of these myself:

    Nice 120mm fan, quiet, very efficient copper fins. You do have to check if your motherboard/case has enough clearance for this type, though.

    I have bought way, way too much stuff from NewEgg over the years, and you're in good hands with them.

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