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Computer build... how does it look?

How does my computer build look? It's for hardcore gaming among other things. Suggestions and opinions are welcomed.

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  1. Just to let you know, the only difference between the 2600k and the 2500k is the hyperthreading. The hyperthreading is only useful in Heavy Video Editing, Rendering, encoding apps. If you want the 2600K then go for it. If you really don't need it then I'd spend the extra on a GTX 570. If gaming is the most stressful thing you're going to do then get the 2500k and GTX 570.

    I own a 2600k. I bought it because that's what I wanted. I sometimes do benchmarking too.

    I'm ho-hum on that hard drive. Myself, I would either get two Samsung Spinpoint F3 drives or I would buy one Seagate Barracuda XT.

    Sometime down the road you will want a cooler. The 932 case will easily fit a Corsair H100. The H100 is expensive but it's very good.

  2. These guys said it all, but i would recommend the addition of a performance oriented heatsink, i got the Ultra Carbon X7, and it works like a dream for my gaming PC. (I did buy two aftermarket LED fans to put on it though). The i7 isn't needed, the i5 2500k is a great cpu, my best friend uses it in his gaming build. The gtx 570 is a better bet, but i highly recommend the msi twin frozr edition card like the one you picked, they run insanely quiet and cool compared to the stock Nvidia reference card.

    The HDD? My brother has had a 1TB Hitachi drive for a real long time, no problems with it...

    See you on BF3!! haha

  3. Love the case. Love the idea of 3.0 USB ports up front. You are building a quality system. Think you are paying a little to much for the PSU but it does look like a good one and gets good reviews at newegg. I prefer LiteOn DVD and Blu-ray drives. Just a personal preference. Nothing wrong with Asus one you chose. Would rather see a WD Caviar Black or one of those Samsung Spinpoints for the drive. Again just my preference. The one thing that kinda bothers me is the ram. I checked the approved memory list. If the ram you chose is there I could not find it. Just because ram is not on the list does not mean it will not run. Can not picture it really being a problem. They cannot test every brand and model of ram with their motherboard which explains why ram that will run is not on the list. The ram at the link below is on the list though. It is more then double the price but I figure why skimp here where you have not anywhere else. Plus I think the lower Cas Latency number is nice. Throw in an OS and I think you are good to go. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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