Build Your Own Gaming PC

I want to build my own gaming PC?

I'm looking into building a gaming PC. My budget it around £600-£700. What would be the best parts that I can buy to build the most powerful machine for my budget. This includes keyboard, mouse, monitor and speakers. Also are there any pre-built gaming PCs that are powerful in my budget?

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  1. Try either Tiger Direct or look for CyberpowerPC. The fact is that I just built a new computer for gaming for about the price range you are looking at, but I also didn't have to buy any of the peripherals you say you will need. These alone can add hundreds to your budget so if you can use your older monitor, etc then you will be able to build an even better computer for the price.

    My old computer was actually decent though. AMD athlon 3-core processor (3.1ghz), an nvidia 9800gtx, 8gb of RAM. I've played WoW, LotRO, DCUO, Rift, Skryim, etc all with this computer and it was fine. Just fine though.

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