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Help Building My Own Gaming PC???

I am trying to build my 1st Gaming PC. Im not trying to build the best PC on earth, but I am trying to build a top of the line PC that can play almost every game at the highest settings... I was just wondering if people could comment on my choices thus far and see if they could reccommend or critique any of my choices... Im trying to keep it right around $1000... Heres a link to my shopping list... THIS IS THE CORRECT LINK....sorry...

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  1. That link only shows the 8800gts

  2. have no optical drive, a really crappy PSU, and a video card that is outdated and beat by cheaper cards like the HD 4850

    EDIT: know nothing about hardware man. It's not the 500w that's bothering me, it's the crappy brand of the PSU, and i bet it won't be able to put out 500w before it blows up.

    and VRAM means nothing to how good a card is. G80 is VERY outdated now, and the 4850 KILLS it for a much cheaper do your homework next time and you won't look so stupid, k?

  3. Whats wrong with his PSU? 500W should be plenty of power. And also, his card is not outdatted.... and is not more expensive than the HD 4850. He will probably benefit more from the extra 640MB rather than the 512MB. I think for your first build, that looks like a pretty solid start. Only thing would maybe do something different with your mobo, but theres so many options i couldnt really stear you one way?

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