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Building a Gaming Pc?

Hello i was just wondering what some of the options today for about $2100 in building your own gaming pc....

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  1. *drools* if I had $2100 to blow on a machine....

    well this is a good thread I came across: the information is slightly dated, and its in euros, but the information is sound and good:

    The poster really knows his stuff.

    $2100 is not going to get you a future proof machine. So I will say this:

    -Your motherboard and PSU need to be almost pristine: the motherboard more so than the power supply, but both should be given attention. Both should support either SLi (nvidia) or crossfire (ATI). It should also support bus speeds of at least 800 Mhz. If you wanna spend a little more though I'd strongly reccomend 1600Mhz bus speed: which will be future proof for quite a while to come.

    - The processor I'd leave to you. Quad Cores are now available but the awful tradeoff is that the slower ones are at $300 or so, and the better ones coming out are...ridiculously tagged. Whatever you choose, use discretion. I'd reccomend 2.4 Dual core - and I have a bias toward AMD chipsets.

    Or, playing of the MoBo's maximum bus-speed of 1.6Ghz, You could put in a 1.6Ghz quad-core.... just a thought.

    - Hard drives: I personally wouldnt be oggled into going for capacity: I would reccomend getting something with better RPMs value: because your primary drive should really only be used for the operating system and select programs and he odd game that your in to 80GB really should be enough but I wouldnt snort if you went to 120GB.

    And either which way you go with any hard drive, you are very well off to make another question specifically "does anyone own this harddrive model XXXXX and if so how much noise does it make?" before buying one: Hard drives can add a lot of noise to a machine, and the shop selling it to you will not be inclined to mention that to you, so its best to get real feedback from real people.

    For data storage I'd recommend anything quiet and big.

    -Operating System: I reccomend Multiple operating systems: start with XP Pro (I love the extra Pro ability) and put that on the first partition. then just keep partitioning for your different OS's later. Leave aside 60GB of that 120 for Vista, and use 40GB or so for the windows XP - ive been running my XP on 40GB for the last 5 years..only on rare occassions have I run into capacity issues: you should really have none if all your extra stuff is on a secondary drive for storage.

    The last 40GB should be split between the two for Recovery partitions. Everything else (the music, less used games, etc) goes onto a secondary drive.

    - I dont reccomend spending the extra for HD-DVD or blu ray right now: because then you would only have the compulsion to spend on pricey HD disks. for the next couple years you will do just as well with good ol' DVD. Might as well go dual layer while you're at it though.

    - RAM: this really falls down on your MoBo: some are built to handle 4 cards, others only 2. I'd reccomend getting an 8GB compatible board and filling it with 4x512 slots which more or less match up with your awesome motherboards bus speed. Why? because you only need 2GB for just about anything at the moment and 512 Cards are cheap enough that you can stand to buy them at performance grade (with speeds around 800Mhz - 1Ghz).

    -Sound: often overlooked, getting a dedicated sound card can take a big load off of a processor when playing games. Then again, it could just be a waste of $30. You pick. Personally I havent tried one yet...

    -Video: I reccomend getting something dog cheap now (under $100) and then when next year comes around getting a DX10 card, and the year after that getting a twin DX10 card and use them together with a SLi or Crossfire configuration. Or you could blow your load early and get a sli configuration now for an extra $400 or so, with DX10 sli costing you even more.

    -Case and cooling: Watercooling will give you the best (the best) performance but I've never used one and I couldnt give you too much information on it in good faith. I've heard they can be a little noisy though I imagine less than by air cooling with fans. Going pure heatsink is another option with items like the Tuniq Tower (a big, monser heatsink for your CPU).

    Well thats my reccomendation anyway: that setup should allow you to phase in upgrades from time to time without digging into your wallet too deeply after the $2100 is said and done.

    Oh, and when you're ready for the actual 'building' part:

  2. wow $2100 is a lot of money. more than you need.

    i sugest you get an AMD TurionX2 processor with 8 gig ram and an expensive 512mb graphics card. this is all afordable just make sure your computer can handle 8 gig ram. also you'll probably have i'd say 200 left. by a 22" widescreen lcd.

    hope i helped. oh yeah make sure u get microsoft vista 64bit edition for fastest computing and best graphics.

  3. Gaming - you want processor power, graphics card, and video card. Probably a good sound system too.

    $2100 won't get you the best, but it should get you a suitable PC (especially a desktop) for almost any game.

    $2000, and great for games, just glancing at the stats. could get you something even better, if you're okay with used.

  4. I'd go with Core 2 Extreme processor which go for $1000, a mother board that uses DDR3 RAM can go for quite a bit, and a good 512mb graphics card. Make sure you got a good power supply with that, 750watt should be good. Good cooling is a must. This should all add to about $2000. I hope you get your dream machine.

  5. avrg..

  6. You can build your own super gaming rig for that kind of money. If used wisely you can build the equvilant of a 4 to 5 thousand dollar computer from a boutique computer vendor. Processor is your fist concern. I would not touch anything with less than 2 cores. A dual core processor will out perform a single core cpu on most new games and applications. Next is going to be the videocard. The rest is what you would like to use. I will speck out a great gaming system for you.

    quad core cpu (4 processor cores) $294.00

    Asus SLI gaming motherboard $299.99

    Ram (Memory) 2GB $90.00

    Video Cards nvidia 8800gts 2x$279.00= $558.00

    (2 for sli video processing) If you want you could buy just one to start and then upgrade later.

    Hard drive(s) $110.00

    DVD Burner $75.00

    Case $110.00

    Power Supply (SLI) $130.00

    Floppy Drive $7.00

    Total $1673.99

    This config will save you about $400 off of what you were planing to spend. You will need to buy a copy of Windows. I would go with Vista ultimate. You are top of the line here and will be able to run all direct x 10 games at high settings. You could take this to a computer shop and have them build it for you. I would rather build it myself, they will upcharge you on the prices and a fee for assembly. I still think that you would come in close to your budget if you had it built.

    Hope this helps

    This is a link to help you with questions if you decide to build it yourself.

  7. if you want it for gaming ,why not to buy xbox360 or ps3 ,it is cheaper and great for games

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