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Suggest me some parts for building my own gaming PC.?

Ok, i decided I'm gonna try to build my first computer. I've never done this before. Id like a good gaming rig. I would like it to be a good powerful system that i can run Crysis on high and not have to worry about upgrading it for a few years. Hopefully under $1000 would be good too. If I HAVE to go over 1k a lil i guess i could live with that. But from what i've read the prices for built PC's are fairly low. Now I have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers. I will probably upgrade those after I get the computer, so no worries there. But as for everything else, lay it on me. Case, video card, etc. P.S. I should get Vista right? P.S.S Pray for me!!!

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  1. There is a awesome site where i go to buy all my computer parts: there you can search for a case you like because really that is your choice, but i would recommend getting something along the lines of mid-tower and no power supply included. Also make sure to not get a case that has 80mm fans or smaller. this will be loud and they don't push as much air. get 120mm or larger. Vista is O.K, but windows 7 is coming out really soon and i would get that. you can find it on newegg

    If you end up getting vista just make sure it is the 64bit version as this will be able to utilize over 3gb of RAM.

    For everything else:

    Power supply:




    Hard Drive:


    Optical(dvd/cd burner,reader):


    3rd party heatsink:

    card reader:

    I selected only the parts that were highest rated, so there should be no trouble at all building it. Here is a tutorial on how to build you first computer:

    total(without optional items) is:$803, Leaving you with 200 for windows and a case

    add in the optional items and its $876, remember you can always get this later

    everything here is at the sweet spot for price/performance ratio, and will work beautify together. Additionally , everything here can be upgraded, so if you find in the future you need more performance, it will be cheap and easy to do so.

    -you can add a second identical graphics card, and get almost double performance

    -you can add more RAM, there is 2 more slots you can fill so you could have 8gb of RAM

    -the processor i recommended came out last month, and can be upgraded(you can also overclock it to get about 20-40% more performance out of a already crazy fast quad core. thats what the optional heatsink is for, to cool it down more for a faster,more stable overclock)

    the next thing i would buy after this is a monitor, you have no idea how much people enjoy getting a 22 inch or bigger monitor-it really adds to the experience

    I hope this works for you and wish you luck!

  2. I agree with Matt on most of the above, except:

    I use Windows XP and love it. I've only seen two games that I can't play on it. Having said that, it will be going away, I know. If you have to build it now, go with Windows 7.

    I disagree with the 64-bit advice also. Yes, it will allow you to utilize more RAM, but that's not going to help if the software isn't compatible with a 64-bit operating system. My last build used Vista 64-bit and I had LOTS of compatibility issues, not because it was Vista, but because it was 64-bit. Windows 7 may have a more advanced emulator that will provide more compatibility with 32-bit software, I don't know. Look into it before buying.

    Intel is great for cutting-edge tech, but not so good for those with a budget. AMD has consistently provided more bang for your buck over the years. Same with ATI on the video front. Here are my suggestions:

    Motherboard: Asus M4A79 Deluxe

    CPU: AMD Phenom II 940 3.0 Ghz quad-core

    Video: Sapphire Radeon HD 4890

    PSU: Corsair single-rail 650-watt

    RAM: 2 x 2GB Crucial (buy 4 x 2GB if you get a 64-bit OS)

    CPU cooler: Tuniq Tower T120 (works a little better but it’s HUGE)

    or Thermaltake Spin Q (works well enough and takes up a lot less room)

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB SATA (buy 2 if you can afford it, you can NEVER have too much storage!)

    That’s around $860 and all that’s left is an optical drive (which are dirt cheap) and the case which, as noted, is really a matter of taste. I would suggest at least a mid-tower though, as the board above is a full ATX board and will take some room. Any mid-tower will work with all of the above, but a full tower will give you more room to work. Depends on your needs and where you’re going to put it.

    Also, make sure that whatever case you buy comes with all the fans it's capable of using. Many will come with places to mount two or three 120mm fans but only include one. Buy extra fans to fill those holes. This will be a hot system and airflow is critical.

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