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Help with building my own Gaming PC?

Hey guys, all the help I can get would be appreciated. I'm looking for several things. My goal is to build an affordable gaming PC, one that will be able to run Skyrim and AC Revelations on reasonable graphic settings. A. Where is a good list of every piece I'll need? B. Where's the best place to buy the parts for my gaming PC? Is there a good kit with all the parts? My budget is 400-500 dollars, which I know isn't optimal but I've heard it can be done. C. Is this a good set right here, and does it have everything I need? I don't know which is the video card, if it even has one. D. Where is an online guide that is very helpful for a noob at building computers? Any help would be SO much appreciated. Thanks guys. What would be the best video card to buy separately that would be compatible with this? And the best bang for buck? Remember, I need to keep the price low-ish

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  1. first off, all premade computers have video cards. but since i don't know what kind of games you like to play, i don't know if the one it has is good enough. i believe that has some guides on building a computer. if not, try google

  2. You got it,, they have it all, lists of components, package deals...everything

    Also, don't forget to check the almighty YouTube, newegg has their own channel with many helpful videos

    Good luck

  3. You'll need these:




    Power Supply


    Hard Drive

    Heatsink/Fan (CPU)

    Video Card

    Try looking on google for a guide on how to build it

    The best site to get parts at would be at

    Good luck.

  4. That combo on NewEgg doesn't have a discrete video card, but instead has an ATI Radeon HD 4250 GPU integrated on the motherboard. That wouldn't be a good setup to use for gaming. You could always get that combo and add your own video card, however, like an Nvidia GTX 460 1GB.

    I'd get this GTX 460 card, which is $164.99:

    I have two of these in my computer in an SLI configuration, and they've performed very well. One would also do fine for most games.

    Good luck!

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