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Building My Own PC?

Ive seen a guide or 2 on how to build your own PC, some good, some not so good. The one Ive used is.. I know ill probably have problems with it anyway with it being my first time building one. I was wondering if anyone knows any good sites that recommend good PC parts, reviews, user reviews and stuff like that? Would be of good help, thanks. Thanks for the answers

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  2. they have a shopping mall at the left you can search what ever part you want to see reviews about it and they have made an article also on how to assemble your first PC in five easy steps ... the link is down there at the source

  3. is where I do all of my shopping and I trust them with my machine as well. Building the computer is very easy and fun to boot. I sat on my living room floor one day and went to town building my first computer. you learn a lot. You really don't need any videos or's all basically common sense....just watch out for static electricity is all. Like for instance, if you have ribbon cables, one side of the wire is marked with a red line...that's your #1 wire and it's usually marked on the motherboard which way it plugs in plus it usually only plugs in one direction. It's fun.

  4. listen to the person who said The reviews are great. It's actually really simple and fun to build a computer (I've built dozens). You'll need:

    >Computer Case - quiet and as big as you need (make sure of the form-factor: ATX is a regular motherboard, micro-ATX only is for small motherboards)

    >Motherboard - Intel-based or AMD-based. Make sure it supports your processor and RAM (more later)

    >Processor - comes with a heatsink+fan. This is the hardest part to install, and it's really straightforward nowadays.

    >RAM - ddr2 is the normal...check your motherboard, but DDR2 800 should be fine. The more the merrier.

    >Video Card - if you want to play games (the form is PCI express...make sure your motherboard has this). If you're not playing games, try and get a motherboard with onboard video.

    >Hard Drive and DVD Drive - selfexplanatory

    You're done! Now get a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer....whatever....but you're done with the inside of the computer.

  5. Dell techical support.


    and my personal favorite:

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