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Should I buy a gaming PC or build my own?

Right now, I play WoW on a laptop on low-good settings. I want to be able to play other PC games like SWTOR, Skyrim, etc. all on ultra settings. I'm not sure if I should buy something like a Doghouse System gaming desktop or if I should build my own. I was told to go to look for parts, but I don't know if I'm getting a good deal for the part or whether it's a good piece or bad. Is there a way to find out if all the pieces I'm looking at buying will run the games I want on ultra? I'm looking for one that will last me a good number of years. Must be a desktop. I'm guessing that building my own would be cheaper and easier to replace parts. But I'm not entirely sure as I've never built my own before. Any form of help would be greatly appreciated. I'm just really tired of missing out of some games because my laptop can barely it. Already having a hard time playing WoW on it lol.

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  1. I hope your joking.

  2. If you don't know what your doing then don't build your own. you'll just mess it up.

  3. if u don't know how to build a gaming pc then go on the link..

    U'll find all ur queries..good luck!!

  4. You can easily build your gaming rig. I wouldn't buy a gaming rig, I would build it.

    That's what I'm doing, I'm buying computer parts, trying to buy two every pay. This pay, I bought the case, and motherboard.

    CM storm trooper, and MSI GD65 motherboard. Its easy to build a gaming rig, like just look up YouTube videos, that's what I'm gonna do. That's what I've been doing, so I can get a decent glimpse of what parts to buy.

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