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Mac or build my own PC ? for work and games?

Hey ! so I actually have a budget of $2000 and I would like to buy a new desktop computer, I already have a Macbook Pro 13' but I need a computer more powerful to work on Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. To run all of this programs I need a lot of RAM, CPU and all these stuff. I wanted to buy a Imac 27' with the best options but it's going to $2700 and it's too much for me. So maybe it will be easier to build my own PC and say bye to Icloud, Finalcut, Keynote and Pages. So what do I have to do ? wait to get $700 or build my own pc for less than $1500. I don't know a lot about the computer hardwares, so I need help to choose my hardwares. it's principaly for 3D and 2D infography and also testing games. Thanks to help me to find my next computer !

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  1. Go compare a Mac to any windows based PC for the same amount of money

  2. build your own pc, it isn't even a debate. For $2000 you can get a pc with top of the line parts.

  3. The only reason that Mac computers are so valuable are because of the OS, and the Mac OS was built off of Unix. Macs are very overpriced.

    I think that you'll find that Windows 8 is a fast and stable OS. If you want a start button on the desktop, there is a program called "StartIsBack". It puts a start button on the OS, and makes the Windows 8 UI a lot like Windows 7.

    Also, you can probably find replacements for Icloud, Finalcut, Keynote and Pages.

    Only try building your own computer if you know what you're doing. But if you already know how to build comptuers, or if you want to learn, try these parts for your build.

    CPU: i7 4770K ($340)

    Motherboard: MSI Z87-G45 ($160)

    RAM: Patriot Viper 3 extreme PVI316G186C0K 16GB ($150)

    Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 2TB ($100)

    SSD: Sandisk 128 GB ($100)

    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 780 ($650)

    Tower Case: Cougar EVOLUTION Full Tower ($90)

    Power Supply: XION AXP-850K14XE ($100)

    Blu-Ray Drive: Lite On 12X Blu Ray ROM ($40)

    Total: $1700 (This is a Really Powerful Computer)

  4. Build a hackintosh out of this components:

    This will smoke the i5 in the mac and can be up to twice the speed of the mac.

    Edit:stevens build focus more on graphics,mine focus more on the processor.

  5. Build your own always and a build like this .

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