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What Parts should I buy to build a gaming PC?

What Parts should I buy to build a gaming PC? I want to build a new PC or just upgrade my old one so it will be able to handle new games better.

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  1. For gaming, you should consider the video card first. But basically, all the parts are important for a gaming pc. (RAM, HD, CPU,etc.)

  2. Nvidia geforce 8 or better video card..

    Western Digital VelociRaptor hard drive would be a good pick

    I like the quad core intel CPUs. I have the Q6600 which is a little older at this point, but can be overlocked very easily (with a piece of electrical tape even) to 3.0 ghz per core.

    Basically spend money on the video card and hard drive, then get the best CPU and RAM / power supply you can with the money you have left. is a good source for a lot of that stuff. Just get a big beefy power supply for your video card though.

  3. If your old PC has a PCI-E x16 slot, then you should think about getting a graphics card. RAM might also speed up the computer.

  4. Assuming you're building a new PC on a budget of about $1000-


    Motherboard-Biostar Tpower P45

    GPU-VisionTek 4850

    RAM-4GB G-Skill DDR2 1000

    OS-Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit

    HDD-Western digital 320GB Caviar

    Case-Raidmax Aztec

    Power Supply-Corsair 550W

    Heatsink-XIGMATEK HDT 120mm Rifle

    DVD Burner-LG Black 20X DVD+R

    All these parts can be found at Your total might be over $1000 initially, but after rebates it will fall below $1000.

  5. This list is a guide which you may find useful

    All these components are available along with building and tuning services from many component suppliers.

    An Internet search will discover many suitable companies.

    Email me if you would like the source of my component list

    OR take a look at

    Full specification

    Antec Nine Hundred - £70

    ATI 3870 X2 card - £265

    OCZ Game Xtreme £850 - £90

    Asus Formula Maximus X38 board - £140

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5GHz - £200

    OCZ PC2-6400C4 800MHz Reaper RAM - £65

    Creative Soundblaster Fatal1ty X-Fi Platinum Champion Series £115

    OCZ Vendetta cooling stack - £18

    2 X Western Digital Raptor drives - £140

    Pioneer DVR-215BK 20x - £20

    Windows Vista Premium - £70

    CyMotion Expert USB keyboard - £10

    Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse - £30

    Samsung SM245B - £280

    Logitech X-540 surround speakers - £50

    Total: £1423

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