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What is the difference between old and new generation of PC hardware for gaming?

Regarding consoles its obvious, it was when PS2 was changed for ps3. But what about PC, when was that time point when new gen hardware came?

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  1. There are no definite "generations" for PCs. Each component evolves independently of the others. It is a continual process of minor improvements rather than single "big bang" upgrades as for consoles.

  2. agree!

  3. The biggest change between "old" and "new" PCs would be the graphics card interface.

    The "old" ones were AGP, and new GPUs were starting to max out its bandwidth. AGP was phased out after Pentium-4s and Socket 754 Athlons, and PCI Express became the "new" standard for graphics cards.

    The speed of the transition from AGP to PCIExpress was breathtaking. It happened within the space of a year-- Within 2 product cycles (the 6- and 7-series) nVidia dropped all AGP support and went purely PCIExpress. That happened between 2005-2006.

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