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Gaming pc hardware advice.?

Motherboard: Processor: RAM: Video Card: Suggest one for me! $100 budget (give or take 20 bucks) 1. Everythings compatible? 2. Are there better parts for $100 or less each (like i said before give or take)? , 3. Is this powerful enough? and 4. What am i missing, if anything?

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  1. get a radeon hd 4670, It's good for most games, people who play games like call of duty 4 and battlefield 2, if you have more questions, feel free to email me.

  2. Well, you're missing a few things. I'm assuming you have them already, but just in case:

    -Optical Drive(s)

    -Hard Drive(s)

    -Power Supply


    -Fans (optional)

    Now for your video card:




    That was just to name a few in your price bracket, I don't necessarily recommend one of the above.

    As far as your CPU goes, I have to disagree entirely. I can see that you're building a low budget system, that's fine, but you're buying a processor that's a few generations old. Personally, I would save some more dough, but that's me.

    Enjoy your build!

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