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PC Gaming, what is the most important piece of hardware for smooth gaming?

ATI Radeon HD 4870 512mb Quad Core @ 2.4Ghz 3GB RAM Vista (not ideal, I know) I thought this was a pretty decent system, installed Arma 2, highest quality and its really jumpy at about 15 fps. What is the most important thing to have a game like this run smoother?

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  1. get an nvidia chip with 1GB of memory and as far as ram goes if its a 32 bit system it can't use more than 4GB of ram.

    if you really wanted to be super buy a raptor 10,000rpm drive or a solid state drive (they are fast) hard drive.

  2. Turn off any background apps/processes not being used.

  3. 1 processor - 2 - ram - 3 vid card(s) - some motherboards can support bridging of multiple vid cards - just remember - ur pc is only as good as its weakest part

  4. good video cards and lots of ram. uugh, vista is a resource hogger. try switching to xp sp3 with the same config. i'm sure it'll run much smoother.

  5. umm。。。 i think all you hav to doi close all the electric comsuming like Limewire and i itstill lgs get a vieo card or lower th resolutions. btw, dgrad to windows xp, its better

  6. i would say get a videocard with more onboard memory for texture heavy games likes Arma 2 and Crysis

  7. I have

    P Dual 1.6 GHz

    3 GB ram

    nvidia 9600 gt

    and now I can play GTA 4 at it best.

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