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My pc specs is : Intel c2c 2.0 ghz with 2 mb cache Kingston 'Two' 1 Gb ddr2 ram, each @ 800 MHz Geforce 8600 GTS 256 mb DX 10 Gigabyte Mobo 965 s3\ds3 i want to ask what if i upgraded my pc with two more 1 gb rams ( 800) mhz ? i know that sound liitle silly, with all low CPU & graphics card but thats the ONLY thing that i can upgrade !!! i want to play ' CRYSIS' & 'Gears of War' @ higher setting & also HOW WILL THIS UPGRADE WILL HELP MY PC IN PLAYING GAMES ??

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  1. im gonna assume your processor is C2D, not c2c.

    the ram wont really help you much at all. your cpu and your graphics card are choking you. besides, 2gb is enough. crysis reccomends either 1 gb or 1.5 gb ram so the ram you already have is no problem. so yea....

    oh also, i doubt your gonna be able to play at higher settings. like i said, the cpu is choking you. crysis reccomends a 2.4 ghz c2d i think... not exactly sure but it was pretty high. the one you currently have will lower your framerate and not process stuff fast enough.

    i believe crysis reccomends 2.4ghz c2d

    you'll probably be able to play medium-high at max, medium most likely

  2. 4GB of ram will not enable your computer to play Crysis (maybe GOW on low settings). Your GPU is entry level and won't get good rates. A 8800GTS will likely be needed for Crysis.

    If your motherboard supports SLI RAM then your may get a memory bandwidth boost (SLI Ram is bleeding edge).

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