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Gaming PC?

What are good and cheap Hardwares for a gaming PC? Please help me build one, send me a list, I only have $400

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  1. The most important element is the graphics card and cpu itself so goto the Nvidia website they have pricing on graphics cards'll want a card that can handle dx 10..

  2. CPU 2.00GHz

    1.99 GHz

    256 MB

    Good and cheap....and you can play very best and much games!;)

  3. You can get an OEM AMD 3500+ for $39.99 with free shipping through the end of this month through NewEgg. The link is: ... This is an OEM version which means it has no heatsink fan to cool the processor. There is a 3500+ for $42.99 through the end of this month that comes with a fan for the processor. Don't forget to get Arctic Ice 5 and use a drop of it on the top of the processor when installing it ... directions can be found though NewEgg and the Arctic Ice website if you are confused on exactly how to apply the paste on the processor.

    A Gig of RAM will due for budget gaming and a graphics card will be needed also. Check the link above for Graphic Card pricing, the prices on them change every few days so whatever I link today may be priced different a few days from now if you go to order it.

    Those are my recommendations, which you can order for under $400.00 if you have all the other parts of a PC. Otherwise, you'd have to check pawn shops and flea markets for a cheap computer someone is trying to get rid of.

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