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I'm looking to upgrade my current pc to a more pwerful one for gaming. what hardware shld i use?

i currently am running a nvidia 9800, and a intel core 2 duo . what would pple recommend for basically a whole new system?

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  1. Nvidia 200 series graphics card. 4 Gigs of Ram. Quad Core.

  2. Hi there, its more the question how much you are willing to spend. if money is not a problem i suggest u go for i7. if you are on a tight budget go for the phenom2.

  3. NZXT tempest case

    XFX 790i ultra motherboard

    8 gigs ddr3 tri channel corsair ram

    intel q9650 3.0 Ghz processor

    BFG GeForce GTX 280

    OCZ GameXStream 850 watt psu

    seagate barracuda 1 gig hdd

    sony dvd/bluray r/rw drive

    windows vista ultimate 64 bit

  4. consider a console like ps3 or xbox. Also not knowing the games you want to play doesn't help. I could spec out a 10,000 computer if you want. Basically try to get a graphics card with DX 10 and as much onboard memory as you can (starting at 512MB). To me the "Type" of onboard graphics card memory isn't important(like ddr3), but a console will usually cost that of a good graphics card and they make great games for them for a while. When the next best thing comes out you just buy a different console system and new games. All in all this is probably still cheaper than upgrading every 2 years or less. Just as some background I am running Mac OS X 10.5.6 on a Intel Celeron 420 1.6Ghz CPU with 2 GB of ddr 667 ram on a custom built box with a low end asus geforce card(512MB) I don't play games, but the system runs great. To put a C2D cpu inside to play games would cost me close to the price of a ps3 with a new MOBO/CPU/memory.

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