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what do you think is the best hardware setup for pc gaming?

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  1. GP install


  3. The best thing is a computer optimized for gaming. Most PC manufacturers, such as Dell, HP/Compaq and Gateway, make special PC configurations for PC gaming and/or video editing. Another company, Alienware (purchased by Dell on March 22, 2006), specifically makes high performance PCs and laptops.

    Most new PC games require the latest and fastest computer components (check the box for exact specs) including motherboard, CPU(s), video board(s), sound card, memory, optical drives (CD and/or DVD drive) and hard drives.

    Key components are a very fast processor, motherboard, video board and memory.

  4. for pc gaming try to use athlon64 they are good and design for gaming rather than intel p4

  5. all compenents must compliment each other so like dont get stingy on one part

    get good performence memory, 2 sticks so u can get dual channel, a mobo with 2 pci-x 16 slots so u can upgrade later, try and get a 10,000 rpm sata drive and a good amd processor for gaming. also ur powersupply shuld be ike 600 watts if u wanna go to sli later on. an x-fi card would be great but u can still get by with an audigy-z

    oh ya and a razer diamondback mouse

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