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What hardware would my PC need to have to run Battlefield 2 at its max settings?

Hello, I would like to build/buy a new Windows Xp Pro gaming PC. I enjoy playing Battlefield 2, so what hardware would my system need to have to play this game with its max settings on with no slowdowns or FPS drops?

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  1. You will need:

    -Dual Core CPU or X3

    -4850 Video Card

    -4 Gigs of ram

    -a decent motherboard (which every CPU you decide on)

    -450 watt power supply

    -a mouse that has at least a polling rate of 500Hz or more

  2. well, you will def. need a

    -dual core processor (AMD)

    -no more than 3 gigs of ram 1024 MG Hz

    -i would suggest Nvidia 8600 or higher (video card)

    -go directly connected with ur internet access (not wireless)

    -a mother board from Nvidia

    -and at least 750 watt power supply because ur cpu and video card are going to draw most of ur power from ur system and if u dont have enough or adequate power going to ur video card it WONT run at max settings.

    that should do ya.

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