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It dont think i need to buy much for it...I already have an athlon 64 x2 5000+ processor, i have 2 gigs of RAM, and an NVIDIA 8300 gs. I was thinking about adding 2 more gigs of RAM in my pc and buying a new/better graphics card...what else should I do? Any more info if needed...processor runs at 2.6 and it's a Dell Inspiron with, what i would say, a lot of room to add more shit... ok, bus speed is 200.9 MHZ

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  1. Adding 2 gigs will be a waste. Add 1 gig of memory and upgrade to a 8800GT. The memory addition is not really necessary in my opinion. Your computer will thank you.

    Your processor is fine.

  2. What's your front side bus speed? not to sound like an asshole but that processor and 2 gig of ram don't mean shit if you have a slow bus speed.

    if you don't know bus speed is how fast the information travels between your various pieces of hardware (cpu, ram, video etc).

    so basically you can have the best components but you're ultimately restricted to the speed of how fast that information travels between those components

  3. Unless you have a 64-bit OS then don't go for 4GB (get 3GB instead but keep it dual channel).

    As for Video, you have a PCI-e. Use this guide.,1805.html

    The 8800GT is great for $200 - get the 512MB or 1GB version. THe 256MB sucks. Get XFX or BFG brands as they come factory Overclocked.

  4. I agree with Josh and Pender. 2G of dual channel RAM on Windows XP is more than most people can use. 4G is a waste of money as the OS will need to reserve memory and only allow @3.2G for Windows use.

    The 8800 or better yet the 9800 Nvidia cards kick butt. Be sure to consider the power supply requirements of high end video cards as upgrading the PSU is commonly required when going to high end cards.

    Good luck

  5. It depends what game you want to play. For many of the DX9 games, that should be fine. For all of the new games that are coming out "For Windows" you might want to look into a new card. Many of the middle end cards are selling very cheap. I just bought an 8600GT with a free game for $65. You can also buy two and connect with SLI or Crossfire (if you have enough PCI ports). For games like BF2, I can run BF2 on a chipset, you should be fine. For Crysis stuff like that, might want a better card. More RAM wouldn't hurt either.

  6. Dont add anymore RAM! your going to waste your money

    Get a 8800GT 512MB version

    or better yet

    get a Radeon HD 3870 or 3870 X2

    If you have money left get another 1GB for extra performance


    GeFORCE 8800GT-about $130 to $200

    Radeon HD 3870-around $130 to $200

    Radeon HD 3870 X2-aroud $170 to $500 sells alot of stuff cheap.


    if you need anything else talk to me via Yahoo Messenger

  7. If you need some RAM try this store. The prices on DDR2 have really come down in the last couple of months:

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