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What is the most hardware demanding PC game to date?

Which games take the most resources from the memory, CPU, graphics card, etc? The top 5 would be cool to know rather than just the #1 game.

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  1. Well, I just saw a review for World In Conflict. Said it utilizes the highest quality equipment, and you need to have top-notch graphics and memory to run correctly. Hope that helps.

  2. dont know if these are the real top 5, but I do know some cpu killers out there that not many machine could handle with the settings ALL the way up

    - Crysis - just came out, suppose to be the most advanced game to date

    - Call of Duty 4 - has lots going on and also uses a new engine

    - raindbow six vegas - I have heard that nobody can get through it without lag at some point

  3. Crysis is the most demanding PC game to date. It'll bring almost all computers to their knees.

    Some other games that are pretty CPU/GPU intensive are: Bioshock, Supreme Commander, Hellgate: London, and Word in Conflict.

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