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Macbook can connect to PC to play games with PC's Hardware?

Is it possible to play PC games in different room from my Macbook but it is using PC's hardware outside? I tried using Remote Desktop but it cant do complex stuff that uses more video card. And is it possible to do it wirelessly?

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  1. Well yes if you like games that look like slideshows. What your talking about is a VNC server on your PC, and a client on your mac. Wired from point-to-point (Mac to PC no internet) you might get a good 5-10 fps on anything. The slowness has nothing to do with the "speed/components" of the PC/Mac, you could have an 8 core processer and it would be no good, only because the VNC program is actually taking screenshots of whats happening on the PC right now, and sending them over the network, its slow. Don't even try it over wireless. It would be even worse

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