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What kind of hardware should i get for a gaming pc?

Im new to makng custom pc's and I want to know what kin of hardware is best for agaming computer under $1600. I have asked many other questions about Dell's and Alienware's and almost everyone has told me to custom build my own because they are hundreds cheaper and many times better. So my question is, what do I need? What Type of processor? Graphics card? Power Supply? Cooling Fan? RAM? Motherboard? Hard Drive? Disc Drive? Gaming Tower? Sound Card? Network Card? OS? I need stuff that can play Crysis and other advanced games on full graphics and resolution for under $1600. Please list brand and model of each and how much they cost. I know this is a lot to ask but I am desperate to find out.

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  1. Check out arstechnica's system guides. Every couple of month's they put out a guide to a "Budget Box" (for $800 ), a "Hot Rod" (for about $1600), and a "God Box ($13,000). This guide is from March and they have put out guides for other types of machines since this.... so hopefully they should get a new guide soon.

    Take note though--the prices given do not include an operating system. To run the newest games, you have to use Windows Vista because it runs DirectX 10 right now, and I am sure will be able to upgrade to DX11 in the future.

  2. I am not going to answer such a detail question. Jeez, even political debaters are not asked such questions. But I can tell you how you can build a system that will run Crysis on high and not break a sweat. is where I buy all of my components and for $1600.00 you can manage to buy and assemble a nice crossfire system.

    Use these guidelines to get started:

    Intel, no too expensive

    Get an AMD Dual Core 6400+

    Geforce, no too expensive

    Get two ATI Radeon 3870's w/ GDDR4 512MB memory

    Get a motherboard that accommodates an AM2+ cpu socket

    MSI K9A2 or a Gigabyte PS5

    Buy a full tower case that has room for at least five fans.

    Read many, many reviews on the items that you are interested in before you make your buy.

    Those two suggested motherboards are very future proof, i.e., they will allow you to upgrade to the new Phenom 4 core processors and the PS5 allows for up to 16 gigs of DDR2 memory (which can not even be purchased yet).

    Well, that is as far as I will go. Seriously, newegg is the place to go to virtually build your system. Plus they have the lowest prices and excellent, 3 day shipping. Hope I have helped you.

  3. ok here is my config . i agree it's not that cheap but it's affordable

    PROCESSOR :intel core 2 duo E8400(that's with the fastest clockspeed of 3 ghz so that you needn't overclock too much)

    GRAPHICS CARD : just go for the latest model when you buy according to your budget because you will have to spend a bit more on this onw and a few others my recommendation is nvidia 9800gts although it's $$$

    PSU : ocz stealthxtreme 600 w cos it is reliable and has more than enough power for an average gaming pc

    COOLING FAN : i don't think we'll need this one. but if you insist go with zalman

    RAM: i think ddr 2 is good for the present so ocz dual channel 8500 reaper kit(2gb) will be enough

    MOBO: now another one where you have to spend more . i prefer the xfx n force boards cos they have a mini fan and looks cool.but be sure to buy the appropriate ram (comp with your mobo)

    H.D.D : SEAGATE 7200.11 320 GB WILL BE GOOD

    DISK DRIVE : just buy according to your choice because now a days all are about the same price

    GAMING TOWER: coolermaster stacker 832 black .why? because it looks hot and has 3 fans included and you won't need any cooling accesories anymore.

    SOUND CARD: creative x fi xtreme gamer cos it's really worth the cost

    NETWORK CARD:this one depends on your choice too

    OS:definitely xp and vista both because different games require different os crysis is better on xp where as lost planet and a lot others use dx 10

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