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Good gaming PC deal for the hardware?

I found these two pc's in a quick search for desktops, and they seem like a pretty good deal, although I'm wary to buy an emachine or an iBuyPower for that matter... I'm looking for a pc that can handle games like Crysis 2, WoW, and other's of that type, that require better than average specs.

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  1. Neither one of those computers are very good at all. There low priced computers for a reason. Wow is not a high resourced game so you computer will run it just fine. However for a game like crysis 2 or anything new coming out then your computer is going to fall apart on the graphics side. You will be lucky if your able to perform crysis on medium graphics without tearing your eyes out. as for your videocard - It's not even a Graphics cards, its a integrated graphics chip. an old computer of mine ay work was hindered trying to run UT2004 with that chip. If you already have the basics such as keyboard and mouse and monitor and such I would just take your $600 and get a custom build.

    p.s. the ram on those builds make me wanna cry. Its like old slow ram from years ago. You may as well click on an icon and go make yourself dinner. That way by the time you come back it might accually be done loading

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