Build Your Own Gaming PC

looking for a good site to view specs on hardware in diferent price ranges to build a gaming pc.?

and perhaps some advice and insight on newer products. looking to build something that is affordable and reliable. Dont want to have to upgrade too soon in the future once i have built a new computer. Ur input welcome too. Thanx

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  1. don't know if these are what your looking for but... and tigerdirect

  2. Check this siteout ,its got practically everything connected to computer hardware!

  3. You can compare parts and get an idea from:

    I usually search for something say: geforce 8800gt vs radeon x2800xt (or whatever) on google and I can find graphical comparisons with conclusions and price ranges, etc. Just remember to get compatible parts.

  4. Well, gaming pcs are more expensive than general-purpose machines, since they usually have higher-end video cards, processors and more RAM to get high performance with first-person 3D titles. is king for great prices, gpureview is the best source for video card specs & benchmarks, and Tom's hardware has some excellent buyers guides. For example:

    Breaks down which video cards are best for gaming, in different price ranges. Good luck!


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