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High-end Gaming PC or Xbox360?

As a kid, I always had the desire to buy the best PC hardware. Regardless, the best graphics card is overkill for today's PC games. It also costs $600.00 and how many games maximize its capabilities? Crysis seems to be the only game I'm interested in that does. I have hard time justifying $2500.00 for a gaming PC when the Xbox360 has a larger selection of next-generation games. The PC has a larger selection of games, but most games released beyond the year 2004 do not take advantage of the latest hardware. The Xbox360's games' graphics are not quite as good as Crysis's graphics, but there's the price difference too. A good HDTV and an Xbox360 costs about $1,300. I have a desire for a high-end gaming PC though.. Is a $2500 gaming PC more worthy than an Xbox360?

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  1. a good HDTV is going to cost you around 2 grand by itself, and xbox is another couple hundred.

    go for the tv and xbox

  2. My computer didn't cost as much and I can run Crysis. I think my computer costed about $600 to build and it works great with those games. Personally, I think the xbox 360 is more worth it. There are a large selection of games and some of them are co-op which adds more fun. I haven't finished Crysis, but I do get bored of it sometimes. I have an xbox 360 and I can spend hours on it without getting bored at all. So, if I were you, I'd get the HDTV and the 360.

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