Build Your Own Gaming PC

Can somebody recommend me parts to build my new gaming PC?

My price range is somewhere in between $800-$1000. I'm looking to build a gaming PC that can run most newer games efficiently on their highest settings.

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  1. start with a decent case and low end Gigabyte mobo, add an Intel E5200, and a 9800GT, and 2Gb RAM...along with a nice WD 640Gb Caviar Black HDD, and a DVD Burner. Throw in a nice Rosewill Wireless Keyboard/Mouse. Diddle a bit with the FSB in the BIOS...Instant Fun

  2. Intel Core 2 Quad

    4-6GB PC6400 RAM

    400GB or more Hard Disk

    Nvidia Geforce 9800 or higher with at least 512MB

    Wireless key board in mouse


    If you want certain specifications, Private Message me, because it will take me some time to actually look through sites that sell it. I just gave you some parts from scratch.

  3. Gigabyte intel p45 chipset motherboard, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 or Q9550 cpu, 4gigs of ram (ddr2 800 or 1066), western digital caviar black hard drive, dvd burner, radeon 4770/4850/4870 or geforce 9800gt/9800gtx video cards, and a corsair 520 or 550w power supply. everything else is up to you.

  4. i have pc that runs most pc games with not many trouble

    on highest settings

    cpu q6600

    ram 8gb

    and gpu 9800gtx

    it is not bad at all

    bat if you want some mor power

    you couldd get

    cpu q9xxx

    gpu 260 or 280

    ram 8 - 12 gb

    bat if you want perfection

    you could get

    cpu i7

    gpu 295

    and 12 gb of ram you will newer need more

  5. quad is the way to go baby..

  6. Mobo-








    Optical drive-


    Your subtotal is $979. This rig will be able to play all the newest games at max specs, with the exception of Crysis.

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