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Quiet Gaming PC?

I'm considering building a Gaming PC, but I don't want it to sound like a jet engine. How much does the case factor into building a quiet PC? I'm considering going with an Apevia X-Jupiter-JR Case. It features two 120mm fans. I could go with an Antec Sonata series case, but it won't look as cool.

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  1. My liquid cooled system only has one small internal fan and a set of tubing that carries out the heat. The radiator fan is external and can be fairly small--it's all very quiet.

  2. I've been wanting the same thing. it's hard to get one thats quiet i must say. Unless you have no fans. And that would only be with water cooling system. Hopefully it becomes main stream, so noise becomes a thing of the past

  3. y dont u just but a dell xp desktop and add some more stuff to it

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