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good gaming pc build?

hows this for a build? im going to buy it (or similar) but im not great at computers so id like to know if i can run the latest games off it well... Intel® Core™2 Duo E8400 (2 X 3.00GHz) 1333MHz FSB/6MB L2 Cache 4GB CORSAIR XMS2 800MHz - LIFETIME WARRANTY! (2x2GB) ASUS® P5K SE: DDR2, SATAII, PCI-e x16, 2 PCI, 3 x PCI-e x1 64 BIT WINDOWS® VISTA HOME PREM SP1 160GB SERIAL ATA II HARD DRIVE WITH 8MB CACHE (7200rpm) 512MB GEFORCE 9800GX2 PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT 600W Quiet Quad Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan ASUS SILENT KNIGHT II PURE COPPER ULTRA COOLER LG L226WTQ 22 inch Wide: HDCP/DVI/2MS/1680 x1050 price - £1030 inc VAT and Delivery. EDIT: apparently if i go for a 32 bit OS it tells me.. Please note - Installing 4GBs of RAM onto PCs with Windows XP Home Operating System is not advised since 32-bit operating systems do not support 4GBs of system memory. We recommend clicking BACK and selecting 2GBs of system memory or changing your operating system to a 64-bit version. If you decide to continue with 4GBs of system memory it will not hurt but you will not be able to address it all. You probably will not be able to address much more than 3GB, and you might not be able to address more than 2GB but am i right in saying that windows xp doesnt support direct x10 ? im planning to play games like starcraft II

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  1. Thats superb and flawless! but i prefer windows xp pro =p

  2. It sure is a gaming rig..but are you sure its worth that price? I'm not from UK so i'm not sure how the pricing works out there.

    But yes, its a good pc for gaming.

    be aware that Vista 64 bit has driver issues so check for compatibility before you buy.

  3. Yes good gaming PC build but lose the 64 bit because it is extremly buggy and most apps dont work good with it. It's one of the worst OS you can buy!

    Instead of 4GB of ram buy 2 or 3GB of DDR2 1066MHZ it will be perfect with your config!

    Happy gaming!!

  4. kind of overkill for the latest games, but it will be good for future games. pretty expensive, but whatever floats your boat. You might want to consider getting a bigger hard drive. maybe something like a 500gb. 160 is pretty small for the massiveness of that computer. see if you can't get an upgrade to a quad core processor or at least the e8600. that would help your graphics card run more smoothly. it's a pretty massive graphics card.

  5. its a best configuration but price is too can buy it for less than that.

  6. 32 but only supports 2gb

    also i would recomend ga-p35-ds3p

  7. Do not get windows vista go with XP. The 4GB of ram is excessive,2-3 GBs is fine. It definitely should be able to handle any current games out there. I would recommend checking if there are any compatibilty issues with any games for your video card.

  8. Good enough, but use XP! 64 bit OS doesn't support much program & if you'll go for gaming. Use XP, because XP supports all games. Or dual boot if you want.

    Use larger PSU like 700W

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