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i am building a computer. What is the best gaming hardware?

I am building a gaming pc on I cant spend a lot of money, i so i want it within the 1000-2000 dollar range. i want it to play good graphic games, quiet, and fast. I dont know which processor,motherboard, power supply, and DDR3 memory to get. i want it for gaming mainly, and not too pricy. I am getting the ATI RADEON 5670 HD video card. please recommend a good choice for gaming. Thanks.

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  1. Cool how is the computer coming

  2. The graphics card is the MOST important component for gaming. The 5670 is not good for gaming.

    The 5850 is what I recommend.

    This is what I recently bought, and it's very powerful:

    The only thing different I would suggest is a better video card. I got the GTX 260, but you should get this if you have that big budget, and you are a serious gamer.

    Everything listed is compatible.

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