Build Your Own Gaming PC

If you had to pick the best company to build your GAMING Pc rig, money not being a factor who would do it?

I am thinking of finally getting a dream pc. Who should build it and why. I live in wacshington state if it matters. IT is for gaming. Hardcore.

Public Comments

  1. If money is no object go with Alienware.

  2. You should build it - its not actually that hard to do and that would be the cheapest way to do it.

  3. Alienware, they cost a lot, but if you get the top gaming customized desktop or laptop it will smoke, they can have like 2 processors and 4 graphics cards.....

  4. alienware by far is the best. all of them i believe are liquid cooled with their own products. they also mod most of their hardware to maximize performance. they will even overclock a system for you. they are Lamborghini of pc's. you even get a t shirt or hat or something too haha

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