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Planning to build my own PC that's good for gaming?

I'm planning to build my own PC for gaming. I'm just a little out dated when it comes to what is new in the market. All i need is good info for each of these: -Motherboard -Processor -750 GB or bigger Hard Drive(what do you think is the best one that wont easily crash) -Videocard -8 gb RAM Oh and one more, I'm also just planning to at least spend around 1200 to 1500 Thanks!

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  1. I was in the same boat you currently are about a year ago. I needed a new computer that was compatible with the newest games and I wanted it to be FAST. I was leaning towards building it myself (which I have the capability to) but decided to check out a site a friend referred me to. At this site you are given the opportunity to select all of the features and components you wish to have in your system and they will professionally install all of the hardware, software, drivers, OS, everything. I even had them install neons and organize all of the cables to allow for more breathing room for the CPU. All of this was done for me for a little under $700. I was absolutely ecstatic and I'm using the same system today and I am equally as happy with my decision. I got a great computer for a fraction of the cost it would be to build it myself and I completely eliminated any headache that would have transpired if I would have built it myself. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

  2. motherboard-

    Intel x58 is a good motherboard.


    i say intel/amd quad core 2.3ghz, or dual core 2.8ghz (intel, or AMD Phantom)

    Hard drive-

    I say use a 10,000 RPM Hard drive (loading times and everything is just faster) Western Digital is a pretty nice company


    Max it out! get a Dual NVIDIA GTX 295



    use Kingston, its cheap and really good built.

    This should be done in like 1000-1800 !

  3. It doesn't matter what you're using but if you have Vista, you should get a newer video card.

  4. You want a good 64-bit dule core processor, AMD is the best for now, they make true 64-bit CPU's. Try the Athlon 64X2 6000+ or faster.

    You want PCI Express X16 Version 2.0, it is the fastest video buss in the world as of today, with a video card like a ATI Raideon X1950 PRO HD.

    Have your card come with 512MB of GDDR4 or more, you can go up to 2.0GB on your video card now, but that is very extreme, (and expensive).

    You want your ram to be fast! Get DDR3 ram, make sure your motherboard can support a lot of it also, like 8.0GB or more. I personally like MSI for mobo's, but that is a personal choice.

    (MSI VS. A-bit, or Ford VS. Chevvy trucks..get it?) they both work fine.

    You want every drive to be Serial ATA 2.0 (SATA II) for Hard disks,

    and SATA for your DVD burners +-RW DL, get dule layer if you can.

    If you get old school ATA/IDE (the 40-pin gray ribbon cable) it will be harder to install, heat the PC inside more, and be significantly slower.

    One tip for hard disks, get one that might be less GB's but faster RPM's

    Like Western Digital Rapter series has a 300GB SATA II disk that spins at a server quality speed of 10,000RPM's!! Boot from this disk or better yet do two and RAID them together for dibble the speed. Then have a third hard disk that is 1.0 TB for storage you wont be sorry. Vista Ultimate X64 boots up in like under 10 secs I have read.

    Get a BIG monitor, like 24 inches or more, gaming makes this worth it. Or just use a HDTV as a monitor, that is sweet.

  5. Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-UD3R

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz

    Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB WD10EADS (REALLY GOOD STABILITY)

    Graphics card: GTX 260 Core 216 or HD 4870

    Memory: Corsair XMS2, Kingston DDR2 800MHz, OCZ Titanium, OCZ Fatality and if you're willing to spend the extra money, Corsair Dominator.

    It should round near that price but if it doesn't change:

    GTX 260 Core 216/4870 to GTX 280/4870 1GB

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 to Core 2 Quad 9400/9550

    Hope I helped!

    BTW, a power supply should be under consideration: Corsair, Seasonic and PC Power and Cooling are all good. Check out Antec's site; they have a power supply calculator on their site.

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