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I want to build my own gaming PC, but am a total noob hardware-wise.?

So, I want a custom built PC, preferably one that I can use for both gaming and my studies. But I literally have no idea of what the best components are, because I usually just accept desktops as they come. Anyone care to suggest the most awesome: hard drive - CD-ROM Drive - Processor - Processor Cooling Fan - Motherboard - Memory Modules - Power Supply - (I was thinking Colors-IT 650w Titan 12CM Neon Power Supply, 'cause yes, I want to be lame and have a perspex case with LEDs and neons all through it....) Video Card/ Optical drives/ Graphics card - (I was thinking Inno3D nVIDIA GeForce GTX260 (192) Graphics Card - 896MB GDDR3 - PCI-E - 448-Bit - Dual DVI - VISTA READY - 576MHz GPU - 2000MHz Memory clock ¿ HDCP) - any arguments for or against? and probably CPU cooling compounds - and you know, if I've missed any vital components..FOR GOD'S SAKE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I thank ye of the nerdy persuasion for enlightening me =P ... if you cbf, that is. As for a budget, I intend to have this as a project that will take a fairly long time. I'm perfectly fine buying it component by component.. btw, I'm from Australia.. so I'm definitely not going to be doing anything in pounds XD Let's say, for the moment, though, that I have neither excessive funds, nor am I beggarly on the street... so mid-range prices are really where I want to be at. I don't have specifics just now, because it's something I've recently decided to do.

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  1. You can have the most top notch PC depending on the Budget. Yes, you have missed the most vital component, your budget ... if you care to post it here again, I think you will receive loads of advice. Cheers.

  2. You do not want to build one on your own if you don't know much because you could lose money. Certain things can only work with other certain parts. So for now, I'd buy a prebuilt gaming PC and learn as you own it over time. It takes time to understand how they work and how you can control and build them. The best place to buy one online would be

    Purchasing them from a company such as dell or HP is a rip off.

  3. I Agree with the top poster.....whats you budget?

    Ive built a fair few machines but i cannot give any advice without knowing how much your willing to spend.

    I can give you components that would be about £4000 or some that would be about £500. How much are you willing to spend.

    Also, are you interested in overclocking the pc? this can save you a few hundred £'s , $'s.

  4. perspex cases might look neat but they are not exactly good as a thermal solution (which you need to consider if what you want is a gaming rig). if you absolutely must have that see-through look, id advise you get an aluminium case with a transparent door.

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