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On a Budget: Build My Own Gaming PC or Buy One?

I'm looking to spend $800ish on the tower(Graphics Card, Ram, Mobo, PSU, and CPU). I already have a ATX mid tower case, SATA Hard Drive, Monitor, keyboard/mouse, and a 20x DVD Burner picked out. I been looking around and I'm not sure if I should build the pc myself or just buy a gaming pc. With your answer I would like detailed reasons and links. For example if you think I'd be better off buying a gaming pc then I'd like links to a few you would recommend in that price range. If you think I'll get more bang for my buck building it myself then I'd like you to name the specific parts to buy, links would be helpful. I want a motherboard that is crossfire or sli capable depending on which gpu is recommended, and upgradeable. Only a detailed answer will be chosen, and I appreciate your help. Here's a couple sites I was looking at built pc's Site's I was looking for parts to build my own

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  1. Well those are good sites but i dont really trust ibuypower and all those because i heard bad things about them but you can try ibuypower

    And for building your own pc do not do it unless you have a freind that knows how or unless you know how to cause it can be complicated if you dont know how But if you do build it your self good luck but i buy power is good i guess the only place i would trust out of those three

    AND The website you would want to buy parts is from newegg

    The ram would cost about 40-50bucks

    OS(operating system) 100-150

    Motherboard depends for what you want probably 100-300

    Hardrive 30-100

    Case(you want a big one) 100 Suggestion antec 900

    Disk drive 20-50

    PSU(power supply unit) 40-60-100

    And a processor about 100-200

    Graphics card Geforce 8800 is good 100-200bucks

    And for the motherboard and Processor pay attention cause some of them do not go together so read the review and specs

    Just examples there good

    but yeah when you get a power supply make sure it says PCI-E connectors

    Decent Graphics card if you want insane graphics buy a Geforce 9800 but buy a bigger case like a full size tower

    And a bigger PSU

  2. 800.00 the OS 200.00 but I would look at www.fry'

    buy mobo and cpu at same time and OS is like 125.00 get XP

    vista sucks better then tiger

  3. Your likely to save $100-$300 if you build yourself

    Here is a build I'm considering in the same price range

    Great Board with Crossfire

    Great Cpu will outperform an Amd in same Price Range notably

    (4gigs)Bargain Memory With 5 eggs/800 reviews

    Best Bang for the buck Graphics Card

    Total $650-$700(prices tend to fluctuate)

    This leaves you with about $100-150 you could go a step up on the cpu(faster duo or maybe a quad core) or graphics card(2x 4850 will put you slightly over budget), or you could get 8gigs of ram (not recommended) or put the money towards other parts you said you have picked out. Remember don't skimp on psu(I suggest 600 or 650 watt 80% certified better safe then sorry) or the monitor.

    If you decide to buy one built I'd stick with ibuypower simply because they are a well know company that also sells to big retail chains which for me is more trustworthy then those other two which I've never heard of.

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