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Is it easy to build my own GAMING DESKTOP and what PARTS do you RECOMMEND ??

Ok, so i have been reading tutorials and articles allover the net about how to build my own PC and these are the parts that are required: (i think :P): Case Hard rive Processor Video Card RAM Power Supply CD/DVD ROM I want your recommendations on which parts to get and don't forget THIS IS A GAMING PC, however nothing exceeding $ 1000

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  1. see this:

    left over $$ should get you a keyboard mouse and monitor from craigslist

    this will be a good gaming system, ready for SLI (2 video cards)

    google around on how to build a PC info is everywhere

  2. Go to this link and pick out a computer-then go to the bottom of the page and Customize this Model.Then you will see what opitions they have and what it cost.Just to get a idea what you need.

  3. but its in swedish but you can take the name of what you need and se if you can get it near where you live.

  4. Building a $1,000 Gaming PC is in this link:

  5. Don't forget the motherboard in your list. Also, budget for an operating system. Something like Vista 64 Home Premium OEM will cost around $100. Also, you didn't mention anything about a monitor.

    For shopping, try Newegg, first. You can use Google shopping or pricegrabber to check out prices if you think a price at Newegg is high (though, Newegg has good prices for most things and is a reliable place to shop).

    Here are some suggested parts to get you started, options are in order of least to most expensive:

    Case: Cooler Master Centurion 5, Cooler Master 590 or 690, Antec 900. Also, maybe look at some of the NZXT models. Don't buy a case that comes with a power supply and use that PSU -- power supplies included with cases are almost always junky (with the possible exception of what comes with Antec cases).

    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3L or Asus P5Q or P5Q Pro or P5Q-E

    Processor: Intel e7200 or Intel e8400 or Intel q6600

    Power supply: Corsair 650tx or maybe a Corsair 750tx -- sometimes you can get one for not much more than the 650tx. Check out Directron or Provantage for power supplies --- they sometimes have them cheaper than Newegg.

    Graphics card: GeForce 512 MB 8800gt or (better) Radeon 4850. If you can fit another $100 in there, check out the Radeon 4870.

    Disk: Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB SATA. There's a similar 640GB model, too, if you want something bigger.

    CD/DVD reader/burner: Pick some Samsung SATA burner from Newegg

    RAM: Get 2 or 4 GB (4 preferably). You can go to and use their memory selector to figure out what memory to get for the motherboard you pick.

    CPU Cooler: Check out some of the reviews on Make sure that whatever you get fits in your case and on your motherboard. If you aren't overclocking the stock Intel cooler will be OK (not great, mind you, but it'll work).


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