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Budget gaming pc parts? building my own gaming pc help!?

im planning to build a new gaming pc.. i wanted it to look so cool and of course it is fast as lightning. LOL... but i am suffering from financial disabilities right now so perhaps i can assemble a cheaper one due to the economic crisis today.. i know there are some pc hardware parts that are cheaper than i thought but i do not know which is which and i am a little bit perplexed on it.. so anyone out there has an experienced building a gaming pc recently this year, it would be much appreciated if you share your ideas with me.. Here are the parts i need to buy: 1. Motherboard 2. Processor (CPU) Dual/Quad 3. Video Card 4. Memory (DDR3) 5. CPU case 6. Hard Disk 7. Power Supply and so on... like cooler...etc... so that's it!!! PS: 800-1000 USD budget.. i want 2009 model hardware parts.. THANKS!!!! Question : is acrylic cpu case good?

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  1. mother msi 790GX-G65

    Processor :amd phenom II (any x4 model is good)

    Video Card :powercolor ati hd4850 (there is an x2 model but it's costly)

    "if u find it expensive get 4770"

    Memory :4gb or more(depends on budget)

    the rest of the stuff depends on the nearby stores or where are u living.

  2. Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processor 975 (3.33Ghz, 8MB L2 cache, 6.4GT/sec)

    Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium SP1 (64 BIT) - English

    Dual SLI 1.8GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX295 graphics card

    12GB 1066MHz (3x4GB) Tri Channel Memory

    Hard Drive: 2 TB Serial ATA (2x1TB) 7200Rpm Dual HDD Config Raid 0

    Blu-Ray ROM combo (Blu-ray read only, DVD, CD read & write) & DVD ROM (DVD, CD read)

    this is my pc and its midrange,so dont get specs any lower than mine

  3. For $1000 you can do fairly well. Here are some good options:






    CPU Cooler-

    Optical Drive-

    Your subtotal is $943. I now that mob only has 2 stars, but Asus makes the best mobo's and their support is excellent, as is Newegg's. If you have problem, it will get resolved. This system uses brand new 2009 parts will all the things you wanted and it can rip apart any game you can throw at it. And $950 is not bad at all considering what you're getting.


    S IS AN IDIOT! He is only being a troll. That system, which he most definitely doesn't have, is considered an enthusiast setup. A system like that would cost you more than $2500. You can tell he went onto or something ans just copied the specs. No one would buy 12GB of 1066Mhz RAM. What a moron.

    EDIT 2:

    No one with $1000 is video cards and a $1000 CPU would consider there computer midrange. A midrange computer costs as much as the processor which you don't have costs! So you are a lying idiot who should learn something about computers before thinking he knows anything about them.

  4. SP is a fool and really hasnt a clue so much so he hasnt even listed a motherboard, maybe he thinks you just chuck the parts into a case and they work, follow the advice of the others but completly ignore that moron.

    Also everyone knows alienware suck and are just over priced dells in a different case.

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