Build Your Own Gaming PC

Im building my own gaming PC and I need help?

I am not familiar with all these computer part terminology. I know some but not all. I have looked a lot of places but I have no idea what half the stuff even means. I don't know whether the part is too much or not enough. Here's the challenge, I need to build my own gaming PC for under 400$ I already have the DVD drive. I don't want it to be overkill and yet not too slow. I would prefer SLI ready motherboard and a DX10 capable graphics card, but if thats not possible never mind them. I also do not want a case that is too fancy, just an average case that'll get the job done. Another thing, it'd be preferable if these parts were from the same site so i don't have to track 10 different things. Thank you all and good luck

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  2. For 400dollars you won't be able to build a gaming computer.A bad one would still cost more than 400dollars.

    Anyways if you decide to spend more try

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