Build Your Own Gaming PC

Can I build my own PC for gaming and graphic design?

would it be cheaper to build one myself? I heard that if you buy an alienware computer it gets outdated in a couple of years, so I would just like to build my own and updated it on my own. okay even if it gets outdated, I guess I don't want to spend $5,000 on an Alienware gaming machine. I have other things to do with my money. :)

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  1. Compared to alienware, yes you can make a cheaper one. However, there are some really good deals out there where the mfr can bundle a pretty sweet deal for you at a low cost).

    Things I like personally right now for what you are doing is

    GeForce 9800 GT video card for 129.00 ish.

    Lots of DRAM (shoot for 4 GB)

    A Core 2 Duo CPU for serious graphics runching (standard price).

    Those are the most important items I would say. Don't fall for a bigger HDD since you can just buy an external 1 TB (probably 2-3 TBs in the next few years). Long term storage is now portable, which means when your PC dies or you need to move graphic design to another PC, you can dismiss your tower and just take the HDD to your new machine.

  2. The same thing will happen to a computer that you build. It will be out dated not long after you build it really. Technology is evolving so quickly now it's hard to keep up with. But yes, it is cheaper to build your own.

  3. NEVER BUY Alienware... They should call it RIPOFFWARE. You can build the same computers they make for more than half the price. Any computer you buy are make will be out of date within six months because every six months are so the latest and grates hardwear comes out. So dont wory about it going out of date. If i wear you i would look at the hard wear in the Alienware computer you wont buy the parts seprate and put them together your self. Use google shoping they have the cheapest prices ALL WAYS.

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