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$1000 Gaming pc build (First attempt at building a pc)?

Hello, I have about $1000 bucks to purchase components, and tools to put together a gaming computer. The 1,000 dollars does NOT include the monitor, speakers, or the keyboard and mouse (Those I will be purchasing through Dell with a preffered account). This is what I have so far, priced $1,020 on -Raidmax smilodon Extreme Black ATX Case -Seagate Barracuda 250 GB HD -EVGA Geforce 8800 GT Graphics Card -Thermaltake 500 Watt PSU -G.Skill 2GB Ram kit -EVGA Nvidia nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel motherboard -Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 Kentsfield 2.4ghtz -Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro 92 mm CPU cooler Aside from the monitor and speakers, am I missing anything here? Also, if you have a better build in this price range, please share your experiences! This will be my first attempt at building my own pc, and Im a bit nervous. I still am in search for a good guide to follow!

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  1. Why not just buy one that's already setup. It be easier in the long run.

  2. Not that I see, however, unless the Quad Core is an OEM model, it comes with fan & heatsink. I would use that money to buy a more powerful PSU and maybe an extra stick of RAM, OH i got something u forgot, where's your Operating system??? XP is 100 bucks

    PS and lindsay.....this is probably a 2000 dollar computer we're talking about pre-made AVOID ALIENWARE AT ALL COSTS every one of their PC's are AT LEAST 2000 over priced

  3. No, you're not missing anything, as far as I can see. But doens't your motherboard have 4 RAM slots? Why not buy another stick of RAM and make it 3GB?

    And like the guy above me said, you need some software. Avoid Vista at all costs.

  4. $1000 wont get you very far in the gaming field. you should save to $2000 and then go to and customize a computer.

    I would geta quad core proccesor, 3GB of RAM, 500-750GB hdd, and a 512MB video card. everything else is luxury

  5. well ur setup is quite gd, just to tell u make sure that the q6600 is the G0 version and not the normal one, it runs cooler. now that cpu cooler is not needed, my q6600 is never over 36 degrees centigrade under load even in summers (i get rly hot summers here), unless ofc u wanna oc. umm that psu is a bit underpoweredu need around 600w minimum , my similar setup strained my 550w psu. umm now about the ram just to tell u dnt bother with those 1066mhz ram, they are overpriced, i suggest corsair XMS2 800mhz ram (vcheap gd and unlimited warranty)

    bdw if u dnt intend on going sli, then just get a normal motherboard and get a 8800gts 512. apart from that gd job :-)

    i found this vid maybe it may come in handy

    also if u need any help ask at the forums on

    also i suggest win xp since vista sady needs almost 1/2 more ram than xp

  6. Yeah you missed the OS.

    I would swap the Seagate drive for a WD drive. It's just me though; I dislike Seagate. Maxxtor is a division of Seagate now.

    Anyhow, that's a fairly good setup. Keep your new CPU cooler. Factory heatsinks work, but aren't too good if you're going to be overclocking.

    You can use any OS, though I'd recommend Vista if you want to use DX10. Vista isn't a bad OS, you just need to run some programs as administrator (there's a checkbox on program properties) to get it to not lag.

    2gb of RAM is okay, 3gb would be nicer (make sure to get the same brand and same specs. Do 2x1gb and 2x512mb). If you plan on going above 4gb RAM, get a 64bit OS like Vista x64 or XP Pro x64.

    For some reason though, I'm thinking you can still get that price down. I don't know what to change to do it though. It just seems high to me. Have you priced out a different brand of RAM, or is that the cheapest?

  7. Intel E8400 3.0ghz/45nm Wolfdale dualcore = $240

    Abit IP35 Pro = $135 (mir)

    4GB (2 x 2) Geil ddr2 800 = $65 (mir)

    EVGA 8800GT = $200 (mir)

    Seagate 500GB/32mb cache HDD = $120

    DVD Burner = $25

    Antec 900 casing = $80 (mir)

    Corsair VX 550W PSU = $65 (

    Vista Home Premium 64 bit = $110

    Total = $1040, prices from and

  8. Unlike some people, I for one think a good gaming PC can be made for only $1000. Especially with today's parts being cheaper. The parts today will be good for a few years because that is what game developers are using as their metric.

    The Raid-max Smilodon is an awesome case.

    I would go with a Western Digital hard drive, from personal experience. More reliable.

    Obtaining 2x4 GIG of Patriot Viper RAM can be done at $90, and well worth it.

    Awesome motherboard.

    Ensure that 8800 GT is the G92 512MB version. the 256 just isn't there in the performance department.

    The CPU is solid, and only $250, nice pick.

    You really don't need a CPU cooler unless you home is 90 degrees.

    You will need an operating system. You can get Vista Home Premium for $100 OEM, might want to do 64bit version.

    Wait, why are you buying a Power supply unit. The Smilidons should come with a 500w PSU. Save your money.

    If you go with what I suggest, you should be roughly $1050 with the operating system .

    Good luck with your build.

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