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I am going to build my own PC and I am an above casual gamer but not hardcore. I do not wish to run Vista yet, but I plan to in the future. Also, the computer has to be able to do basic procedures such as browsing the web and Microsoft Office. Please list a complete configuration of the best components to use for maximum performance. Also, the total cost (not including monitor) must be under $1,100. Thank you for the responses. Thank you for the first answer. However, I am changing it a bit and everything together(including case) must be $900 or under. And also, I would rather have a better processor than motherboard. Please include everything with the config you provide, fans, cooler, thermal compund, etc. I am not a computer expert as well so please provide me with any knowledge you hold.

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  1. new setup($900 pricerange)

    keep the same motherboard and processor. the core 2 duo e6750 is a very good processor and you can overclock it even faster. with the heatsink im listing you should be able to hit around 3.5ghz. also keep the same ram, hard drive, and cd/dvd drive.




    hard drive-

    cd/dvd drive-


    power supply-

    NOTE: case/power is a combo deal. go to 1, click view all combo deals and its $124.90

    graphics card-

    downgraded you from the very expencive 8800gts 640mb. this should be enough power for you though.

    case fans-

    the case holds up to 7 120mm fans, it comes with 3. i would swap all 7 out for these fans. extremely quiet.

    cpu heatsink-

    as i said, with this heatsink you should be able to overclock to 3.5ghz or more.

    thermal compound for the heatsink/cpu-

    that is a total of $942.83, with $80 in mail in rebates(2 $20, 1 $40) taking you to a total of $862.83.

    if you need more help, send me an email and i can help you out more

  2. K I will go with AMD since that is the cheaper one of the two builds:

    Ram: ($104 after rebate $64)

    CPU: ($102.00 )

    Graphics: ($96.83 $80.83 after mail in rebate)

    Motherboard: ($100.60)

    Dvd burner: ($30)

    Hard drive: ($80)

    Power Supply: ($130 $120 after mail in rebate)

    case: ($130 then $99.99 after mail in rebate)

    Mouse and keyboard: ($28.32)

    OS: ($90)

    The anti virus I would go with Panda internet security which off ebay unused is like $18 and is great, can install upto 3 systems.

    Which that is a pretty tight system there. Could even go with this CPU: ($170)

    I hope this helps. Might have included too many things but you could take down the hard drive size I would go with 16mb cache and SATA still though.

  3. Try this:

    Take out the LCD screen and replace the speakers. It should fall w/in your budget.

  4. Dude i am doing the same thing lol. 1100 computer (i know u changed to 900). My brothers friend is building it for me. He is majoring in this stuff. He said to me, no matter what, get the best motherboard available. He put it in my list. It was like $140. I know about 50 bucks more than the other kids r saying, but the newer motherboards can support the newer types of ram coming out. The new ram is DDR2 6400. i have no idea wtf that means but it sounds good lol. So if you get the best mother board, you can always upgrade your comp later. If you get a shitty one, you will have to buy a much more expensive one later when you want to upgrade.

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