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What Computer Components/Parts should I get to build an extreme gaming pc with a budget of $1,000-$1,500?

I want to build my own pc. However Im not sure on what all components to get. Like the motherboard the case etc. I do know what graphics card I was going to get but im open to suggestions. Please list the parts and price if you know it. You can email me the list too if you want. I was also wondering about overclocking a quad core processor. Is it worth it or just waisting money buying one? Thank you for your help.

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  1. Depends where you are, what currency you are talking about and where you get the parts from. I build custom PC's. Let me know what you think at

  2. okay your graphics card should be at least like 400$ of your gaming computer cuz thats like 90% of the gaming. for the motherboard get an asus or intel thats costs the most cuz there are alot of different things on there (fsb speed and stuff). for a processor get a quad core by intel and make sure you got a kick ass 200$ keyboard and mouse. if you get a quad processor dont overclock it. you will risk damaging it and right now there is NO game out that you need to overclock a quadcore for. also what would be cool is a kickass graphics card that can do 2 screens easily (mine can but i wouldnt try playing dx10 games on both screens)

  3. Extreme gaming is probably beyond your budget. A quad core processor, motherboard, 8GB highest speed ram, 500GB HD, and top of the line graphics card will cost over $2500. The other components will probably increase the cost to over $3500.

    Get a copy of Computer Shopper and look at the ads for many configurations.

  4. This is an example build for around $1,500 (a bit more, once you count in things like shipping, but not by much). You could save a bit by getting a cheaper case, cutting down the video card a bit (a 9800gtx or Radeon 4850 would save $100), and get a monitor that is less than $300 (e.g. a Samsung 2253lw is around $260). The PSU listed is a lot for the size of the machine, but it's a good one. Be careful if you decide to economize on the power supply --- cheapo PSUs tend to be more trouble than they are worth.

    Case: Cooler Master 690 $ 85.00

    Motherboard: Asus P5Q-E $ 160.00

    PSU: Corsair 750tx $ 110.00

    CPU: Intel e8400 $ 190.00

    Disk: Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB $ 65.00

    4GB RAM $ 110.00

    CPU Cooler: Xigmatek HDT-S1283 $ 37.00

    DVD/CD: Pioneer DVR-215DBK DVD RW SATA OEM $ 31.00

    Video Card: Radeon 4870 $ 310.00

    OS: Microsoft Windows Vista 64-Bit home premium -- OEM $ 100.00

    Subtotal: $1198.00

    Monitor: Let's say $300 for a decent 22" wide-screen LCD $1498.00

    For only a bit more, you could get a q6600 instead of the e8400.

    Not included: keyboard, mouse shipping, maybe another fan or two

    for your case, MX-2 thermal paste. Get a bolt-through kit for

    your CPU cooler for a few bucks if you get a large heatsink like

    the Xigmatek.

    The CPU cooler is optional -- the stock one will be OK if you're

    not overclocking.

    If you want to do Crossfire sometime in the future, spend extra and

    get an X38 or X48 motherboard.

    Prices are mainly from Newegg. While Newegg is very good, their prices

    aren't always the best, especially for things like power supplies or fans.

  5. to me 1500 is not enough i get what you can an awesome 775 pin motherboard with what ever you can afford for a cpu get a 1 terbyte video card make sure everything is crossfire ready and about 2 gigs of ram and just add on has you get more money. cases run anywhere from 26 to 500 cheap cases your going to have to use more cooling (fans/water)

    over clocking is a waste of your time and most likely money because one screw up and your cpu is a bad paper weight

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