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What are some good PC games where you build your own country and military?

I was playing the game Saga that I downloaded and thought it looked pretty cool but it makes my computer crash. Any good games you know of for XP or Vista?

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  1. civ 3 or civ 4

  2. civilization

  3. As stated above, the mother of all strategy/country building games is the Civilization Series. That would be a great choice.

    I have also tried Empire Earth and Age of Empires, but those are more Real-Time Strategy (RTS) as opposed to Civ's turn-based system.

    The SimCity series is more city building with almost no military involved.

    I have read of one game which I think its name is Civ: Rome and in is also an RTS. That incompasses city buildind and war in one complete package. This would probably be your best choice along with Civilization.

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