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Gaming Pc for under 500$?

I decided I want to build my own gaming pc from scratch. What would you guys recommend to buy for under 500$? ie(motherboard, processor, ram, videocard, case)

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  1. You may want to read my article which i recently posted at .

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  2. $500 isn't very much to work with in terms of a gaming PC - to be honest you probably need to spend $100 - $150 + just on a graphics card (depending on the type of gaming you do) so now were down to $400. I have a geforce 9800GT which is amazing for the price. If you go a little cheaper (like I did) you can always pick up another down the road and SLI them.

    Ram - you could probably pick up 2gb (which is more than enough for the average person) for $50 (personally I would go with ddr3 since it's the newest, might cost a little more, but well worth it).

    $300 - $350 left.

    Mobo - AMD will be the cheapest route to go for what your getting. I have a Phenom II x4 945 which cost me about $177 after tax, amazing CPU, put probably out of your range.

    I would suggest something like this.

    With a good CPU cooler you could easily overclock that to 3.6

    $200 - $250 left.

    Motherboard - assuming you went with my suggestion, you would need a AM3 compatible board, and ddr3 for the newest ram. This is the board I just ordered, for the price, it's a great deal. You'll get AM3, DDR3, SLI options, HDMI, etc..

    Now were down to about $150

    You still need a case, dvd drive, and power supply... I have an Antec 300 which cost me $50. I love it, now window, but you can always mod it if that's the stuff your into.

    Power supply, I would go at least 750w, I think I spent about $70 for mine, just shop around.. Dvd drives are cheap. is your friend.

    You might want to budget yourself a little higher, so you get a bigger bang for your buck. Good luck

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