Build Your Own Gaming PC

is it possible to build a budget gaming pc for $300?

im only 16 so parents are still paying for stuff until i get a job so i need a cheap gaming pc and my limit is $300, and i want to build my own so can someone give me links to all the parts i need for cheap, plez?, thank you

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  1. For $300, no.

    Bump it up to $500, and you can definitely get a good gaming PC.

  2. Whoa, for 300$ no way. even if you build it yourself it would cost more than that. You could make a decent rig with maybe 500-600$

    300$ is just too low, sorry buddy.

    You would have to buy the case, the motherboard, the power supply, the operating system such as windows vista ,a video card(super important for gaming, a decent video card can run up to at least 100$-150$ so you see why 300$ is too low), plus some other stuff that 300$ could not cover.

    I built my PC for a little over 500$ and i can play some of the most recent titles with good/ decent performance. I found the best deals i could get on hardware and used windows XP over Vista instead . Although adding accessories such a good monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard it cost me a total of around 800$ for my PC.

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