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Ok...I need the best opinion and hopefully an expert opinion.. Im investing to build my own Gaming PC. I know all the requrierments for my needs i just need to know one thing..............Please tell what kind of Tower/case i need for me to have enough room and ventalation for: two 8800 GT: EVGA 680i motherboard: around 700watt power supply: and ect... Please resarch it if you have to. I just need more opinions. Thank you. I mean etc....

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  1. coolmaster stacker

  2. Try this one it may look plain for a gaming case but they have more cooling than you know what to do with. And tons of room inside...

  3. I would suggest getting a Full Tower ATX case. These provide the most ventalation. However, if you plan on carrying it around to LAN parties, get a mini tower, but make sure it is still ATX and not micro-ATX. If you get a smaller case, I would suggest investing in better fans to imporve airspeed and thus cooling power.

  4. I use the Antec Ninehundred. It has a 750 watt PSU, an ASUS P5WDH 2 with a 92 mm fan on the core 2 quad. it fits my 8600s easily and wiht room, your 8800 gt will fit. Here it is on newegg.

  5. You will want a case with at least a 120mm fan. Running 2 video cards will generate alot of heat so the more airflow the better. This case has always worked well for me and really moves the air.

  6. An Evga 680i mobo, is a ATX form factor board,(9.6 inches by 12 inches) It will fit any ATX style case.

    Evga 680i SLI mobo from

    Evga 780i SLI mobo from,(Has PCI Express 2.0 ($50 bucks more, for a world of difference! PCI Express 2.0!)

    Info on the 8000 series Nvidia cards:

    Evga GeForce 8800GT from TigerDirect (PCI Express 2.0 compliant card)

    XFX GeForce 8800GT $239

    Cases that might interest you:




    Scroll down the page/s to see all info. Don't trust the PSU's that come with these cases. Buy a decent one, like this at least:

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