Build Your Own Gaming PC

What is a good pc game where you build your own base and create armies and manage your settlement?

either in midieval times, ww1/2, or anytime except futuristic create your own base, manage it upgrade armies and such thanks!

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  1. Empire Earth is fun. It has futuristic though, but you can turn it off.

    Also Age of Empires. AoE doesn't have futuristic, and it's just as fun as EE.

    Make sure to get the newest release, I forget which ones are the new versions.

  2. Age of empires is good

  3. Age of empires it's a entire series easy to get you advance to different time periods.

  4. May not start out like what your talking about but Spore eventually turns into sorta an RTS where you control a settlement and you can either make friends or take over the other settlements and then you advance to the next stage which is even more complex. Juts look into it because it is even better because you can create what you are managing.

    Good Luck

    (or try command and conquer always amazing)

  5. I've heard things about the Civilisation series by Sid Meyer (Meier?). It's basically what you described.

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